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Welcome to the IGI Homepage

IGI — the Association for the Italian Grid Infrastructure — has been established to provide long term sustainability for the Italian Grid. Its formal predecessor, AmazeLaw the project, will come to a close in 2006; to extend the benefits of this project, IGI will take over and act as national coordinator for the different pieces of the Italian e-Infrastructure present in EGEE II.

Grids are now in a position to enable in Italy and Europe a common effective market of Computing Resources allowing Scientists to find the lower cost solution satisfying the requirements of their applications. Through an integrated Grid network, it becomes possible for everybody to use high level tools for knowledge management.

IGI focuses on setting up and operating a common e-Infrastructure for the Italian Sciences, and includes the main public Resource Providers and Computing Centers, in addition to various Regional Initiatives and other related projects. IGI will provide a consistent and coordinated Italian strategy as a step towards the European Grid Organization (EGO [download pdf]) and as an interface to the EU Grid infrastructure projects eIRG (e-Infrastructure Reflection Group) and ESFRI (European Strategy Forum on Research Infrastructures), and to other international activities as the need arises.

IGI will support activities in a vast range of scientific disciplines — e.g. Physics, Astrophysics, Biology, Health, Chemistry, Geophysics, Economy, Finance — and any possible extensions to other sectors such as Civil Protection, e-Learning, dissemination in Universities and secondary schools.