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The e-Infrastructure Evolution
Our Middleware

The e-Infrastructure Evolution

The strategy for Grid M/W

Grid: New set of services allowing Resource and Data sharing between multi-administrative domains Conceived since the beginning as being of general use and having to satisfy the requirements of many sciences HEP, Biology, Astrophysics, Earth Observation (Esrin-ESA-Frascati), Computational Chemistry Based on standard specification, GGF

CERN identified as natural coordinator of the European Projects for M/W and EU the e-Infrastructure development in agreement with the other early National Projects (UK e-Science…) leveraging from CERN succesful experience in managing large projects involving many European Institutions CERN real needs for LHC

Strong integration/coordination between the National and EU e-Infrastructure developments (EDG, EGEE/LCG, EGEE-II) “Same” M/W, same services, integrated operation and management National development of complementary or missing services but well integrated in EU M/W Service Oriented Architecture

The First Step Towards an Italian Grid: the FIRB Project

launched in 2002 within FIRB: Government Fund for the Investments in the Basic Research (Ministry of Education, University and Research (MIUR))

Recent Developments